IDEAS AMAI 2017, Mexico City
26.10.2017 | Mexico City, Mexico

Franck Cazenave, Megacities Institute President, has been invited by AMAI, first professional association in Latin America focused on intelligence applied to business and social issues, at IDEAS AMAI 2017 Edition to present Megacities Institute researches on urban living.

The Megacities Institute gives a voice to citizens to understand their perception of life quality in their city. In the first edition, we conducted this survey in 20 cities in the World. There are 4 Latin American cities among the study: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. It is a pleasure to share at IDEAS AMAI results on urban living and mobility, focusing on Latin America pains and opportunities to improve urban quality of life”, Franck Cazenave, President of the Megacities Institute.

ideas amai 2017

Franck Cazenave talks with Salomon Chertorivski, Economic Development for Mexico City State, at AMAI IDEAS 2017 in Mexico City

Autonomy, Paris
20.10.2017 | Paris, France

Megacities Institute has completed its first research in 20 cities, in the World, on urban living and mobility. 6.600 car owners were interviewed by GiPA, Megacities Institute founding member, face to face in:

China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin

Europe: Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome and Warsaw

Latin America: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo

Russia: Moscow


Find, please, Franck Cazenave presentation at Autonomy:




Megacities Institute partners with Digiprize
17.10.2017 | Paris, France

Megacities Institute has partnered with Digiprize to stimulate projects that can solve urban problems. The Institute wants to promote new solutions, based on current and future technologies, to make these cities more welcoming to humans and, more generally, to all living species.

“For the first time, Digiprize is hosting an NGO as a partner with Megacities Institute. We hope to stimulate the projects of young entrepreneurs to solve the problems of urban people, “Franck Cazenave, President of the Megacities Institute.

The Digiprize contest was developed by ESSCA’s Digital Marketing Institute. It values ​​the entrepreneurial initiatives of young people and rewards the digital innovations that will build the world of tomorrow! This year, new ways of setting up project teams (between 02 October 2017 and 11 January 2018) have been defined. By focusing on interdisciplinarity, each project leader can now easily recruit new members online, depending on their needs. The Digiprize Awards Ceremony will be held on February 13, 2018.


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